About Us

Legamo Technical Productions is a premier technical supplier offering the most comprehensive event technical services currently available on the market. We are a professional team of event technical management specialists rich in creative IP and eager to assist with the creating of your event to deliver a superior event experience for your audience. We thrive on delighting our valued clients by delivering superior events that meet or exceed your all expectations.
Our Professional team will help you:

Creating the event
Designing all branding
Map-out your event Technical Plan
Execute the required tasks to deliver a high quality event
Measure your event outcomes
Reporting on progress and post-event reporting
Execution of any post production requirements

Legamo Technical Productions oversee all aspects of your event. Outsourcing your event to us gives you a piece of mind.



Some of our clients require fully customised setups outdoors and festival rigs and they come to us for the solution. We pride ourselves of using state of the art technology and assisting our clients in achieving world class quality events

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